Thursday, November 4, 2010


Ugh. I have neglected this blog. I've eaten some pretty fantastic stuff lately, but have not felt inspired to record it here. I write this blog for myself, so that I can remember some of these great meals, and I'm going to regret this laziness. But sometimes you can't force things...or maybe you can, and I should.

Off the top of my head, where have I eaten that I should have blogged about? Very briefly, there was

  • Fruition for my birthday: simply fantastic.
  • Mizuna for our anniversary: just as good as Fruition, maybe even better. Plus we got the special treatment.
  • There was a simply awful experience at Black Pearl (although the food was good). Done with them.
  • There have been fun Justice League of Street Food parties.
  • A so-so meal at The Corner Office.
  • Fantastic service and fun times at Cafe Brazil. Plus free tapas at Happy Hour! Book your reservation early. We did tapas and then a meal.
  • Awful service and blah food at The Lobby.
  • Possibly the best service of all at SmashBurger in Wheat Ridge, of all places.
  • Many great meals at Udi's Pizza Cafe Bar in Arvada. We like it because it's close, the kids like it, and we like the food and the cocktails/wine. So hard to find that combo.
  • I've reported on it before, but yesterday I treated myself to the chicken pho at Pho 95. Went all by myself and perhaps enjoyed the meal best that way, because I could really focus on the food. So good for a Fall day.
  • A wonderful warm, cozy, and incredibly tasty meal at Venue Bistro.
  • Great bar food and whiskey at Rackhouse Pub.
  • Culinary adventures in Columbus (!?!) and Vegas.
  • Romantic tapas and Spanish wine at 9th Door.

Tonight is girls' night out at TAG. Will it inspire me to jump back on the blogging bandwagon? If the above didn't, it'll be tough. But who knows...