Thursday, January 16, 2014

Best Freebie Ever

Every year I get a Christmas freebie from Maker's Mark. I guess I signed up for something from them once and it's the freebie that just keeps coming. They have some cute stuff--wrapping paper, personalized labels for bottles, and clothing for your bottles! This year it was a hat. A couple of years ago, they sent out a little Christmas sweater to put on your bottle. It just happens to fit a kitten. Check out Fleetwood in his "ugly Christmas sweater" glory:
That one was taken at Halloween right after we got him. It was his costume on Halloween night. Of course, he had to wear it again at Christmas. It almost didn't fit:
That picture is taken right after he tried to walk. If you've ever tried to put clothing on a cat, you know what happens: they go boneless. Their legs just don't work. Thanks, Maker's Mark!