Friday, November 21, 2008

Black Cat Review

Shit, who am I kidding, I don't know how to review a restaurant. But I like to remember meals and this is the best place to get it down for posterity.

Black Cat is a tiny little place with a cool atmosphere. We were seated right by the kitchen, which is open so you can watch the cooks cooking. I liked that (especially since one of the yunguns was hot!), but the temperature was pretty hot too and I got bumped by servers a couple of times, plus had to listen in while one server conveyed some complaints to the chef. The chef was friendly, which was cool. I don't get to say hello to the chef often.

We started off with a beer for B and some kind of lemon martini for me. I had the
apple and lovage soup with duck confit, which was amazing. Just a little sweet and yummy yummy duck. It was my favorite dish of the evening. B had the seafood quenelle with buttered lentils and chardonnay, which he liked very much. We shared all of the dishes and we both liked both of these, but I preferred the soup and he preferred the seafood, so I guess we ordered correctly.

I had planned on ordering the gnocchi for my entree, but luckily my server warned me that it had beef in it. Guess I should have realized since it was a bolognaise. And I'm not much of a beef eater. So I had the crisp potato rosti with spaghetti squash, apples and riesling. I thought it was a little greasy and too "hashbrown-y," not necessarily in the good way. It was good, but my least favorite dish of the night. B had the confit pork shoulder with goat cheese polenta, black pepper, and pumpkin. It was good too, but also not the best I've had. We both decided that we could have eaten just apps and desserts that night and been happier without the entrees. I had a glass of Cara Mia Prosecco with dinner. I recently got a bottle of this stuff. Affordable and delicious! So I was happy to get a glass of it.

For dessert I had chocolate pot de crème with citron and whipped cream. Heavenly! But then chocolate pot de crème is one of my absolute favorite desserts (I recently got one from Whole Foods and it was awesome too). B had the Shaker pear cake with caramel ice cream and nutmeg, which was also delicious. With dessert I had a French dessert wine. I wish I knew what it was, but it was not listed on their wine list and our server was not very knowledgeable about wines. I should have asked her to write the name down. Something with "lapin" or "les pins"/"lepin" in the name?

Afterwards we stopped at a Scottish bar, which turned out to be quite cheesy, but I had a yummy glass of scotch (I think it was Balvenie) and had fun watching an older woman there by herself hit on the hot, young bartender.

It was a fun evening. And tonight we'll do it again at The Kitchen! And guess what the dessert offering is? Pot O'Chocolate! Yippee!

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  1. I'm so jealous! Who the hell watches the kids while you guys dine like rock stars?


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