Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We're Such Dorks

God, I love my husband. What other guy would have the following IM conversation with me?

Translation: we were discussing the delivery of our order from wine.woot. We had trouble getting the wine because, of course, UPS tried to deliver it when we weren't at home and it required a signature. We ended up having it redelivered to B's office.

Note that names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Coolhusband (1:46:26 PM): icanhaswine
Bitchilla (1:46:35 PM): youhazwine?
Coolhusband (1:47:27 PM): ihasthreewinez
Bitchilla (1:47:38 PM): youz should haves 6 winez
Bitchilla (1:47:50 PM): 3 bockses?
Bitchilla (1:47:58 PM): or only threez bottlez?
Coolhusband (1:48:15 PM): oshit, icanhassixwinez!
Coolhusband (1:48:23 PM): yeah, I got 6 bottles of wine
Bitchilla (1:48:27 PM): Oh Noez! yuz has 6 winez
Bitchilla (1:48:35 PM): icanhazwinesnow?
Bitchilla (1:48:37 PM): kthxbai
Coolhusband (1:48:50 PM): winez = minez!
Bitchilla (1:48:57 PM): ohnoez!
Coolhusband (1:49:13 PM): mahofficecanhasbuzzez
Bitchilla (1:49:21 PM): noez!
Coolhusband (1:49:31 PM): ohyez
Bitchilla (1:49:39 PM): usux
Bitchilla (1:49:42 PM): kthxbai

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