Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yummy Nummy Haagen-Dazs five

SheSpeaks.com gave me the opportunity to host a Häagen-Dazs five™ ice cream "House Party." They sent me a "pint," i.e. 14 oz. container (isn't it funny how ice cream pints aren't really pints anymore?) of each flavor, dishes, spoons, napkins, a scoop, a totebag, coupons, and recipes. The in-laws were in town, so we invited all the CO family over to enjoy the ice cream (along with pizza).

The flavors we tried are vanilla bean, passion fruit, ginger, coffee, brown sugar, milk chocolate, and mint.

Okay, ice cream tastings are totally fun! And it doesn't hurt when the stuff is really yummy. Everybody absolutely loved it. There were a lot of different favorites, but my top two seemed to be the most popular: passion fruit and ginger, with passion fruit just barely beating ginger. I could eat a gallon of either.

Oh, and the cool thing? They each only have 5 ingredients (get them name, now?) and two of those are skim milk and cream. The skim milk makes them less fattening, but I didn't miss the fat. Still super creamy and what you would expect from the ol' H-D.

So, ice cream tasting verdict? Definitely a success and a fun idea for a party.


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