Friday, February 6, 2009

25 Things

Since I spent too much time doing this damn thing for Facebook, I'll make double use of it.

1. I have an inherited condition called Benign Essential Tremor, which makes my hands shake like an old lady. When I’m feeling poorly or take certain medications it makes them worse. Oddly enough, alcohol makes it better (at least temporarily). Another excuse to drink up!

2. I’ve been friends with my husband since 1986. We were roommates for about 5 years before we dated. We’ve now been married for 10 years.

3. I spent my junior year of university in Salford, England and then went back after graduation for 7 months to work in London and travel.

4. My husband and I were in a band together. I sang and he played guitar.

5. I would rather read a good book than just about anything.

6. I was very shy when I was young. I attribute this to moving to new schools several times when I was a kid. Each time got harder and I got shyer. Now I don’t really consider myself shy at all, but I can be a little reserved until I get to know you.

7. I’ve been told by numerous people that I’m intimidating and I don’t understand why. I don’t bite—really!

8. I haven’t eaten beef in many years and don’t because of the reasons listed in this book: “The Omnivore’s Dilemma.” However, I just read that book for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I actually was a vegetarian for many years for the reasons there, not because of the “usual” reasons. But now I realize I would prefer to be more of a “locavore.” Eat local!

9. I am quite proud of my bargain hunting accomplishments—finding deals and using coupons.

10. If I don’t get “alone time,” I go a little crazy.

11. I’m glad I have two boys, because I tend to get along with boys better than girls.

12. Yoga is my savior. It has pretty much cured my back problems.

13. I won two spelling bees when I was in junior high and went to the NY State finals twice.

14. I like to think of myself as an “outdoors” person, but I’m really not. I’d rather just curl up inside with a good book.

15. I love my Tivo so much I want to marry it.

16. I have a cat named Marge and she will be my last cat because I’m allergic to them.

17. I am such a “classic” Taurus, it’s scary.

18. I was brought up in a very conservative religion—born again fundamentalism.

19. I am about as liberal as one can get.

20. I have an unhealthy love for trashy reality TV.

21. My current favorite hobby is Food and Wine, not necessarily in that order.

22. I skipped second grade.

23. I still don’t know what I want to do with my career.

24. My favorite thing in the world is Saturday morning bed cuddles with my guys.

25. Thinking of 25 things to say about myself is surprisingly difficult for someone so self-absorbed.

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