Monday, October 27, 2008


We haven't needed a sitter in awhile. My parents were around a lot of the summer and we haven't gone out alone before or after our big trip in order to save some of the money that we spent while in CA.

I desperately want to do First Bite Boulder. It's Nov. 15-22 and you get to eat a 3 course meal at one of Boulder's best restaurants for $26 per person. Boulder has an amazing culinary scene now and there are a bunch I've been dying to try. So I called our sitter and SHE'S IN BUDAPEST UNTIL DECEMBER! So now I'm trying to find someone else, but without family around, I fear it's a no go. What a bummer. I was really wanting to go to Black Cat, Colterra, The Kitchen, or Radda Trattoria.

Here's another bummer, I didn't get around to making the pumpkin cupcakes after all. But, the boys helped me make spaghetti and meatballs from the Family Fun Cooking with Kids cookbook. The boys did a great job of helping and they both loved it. Even Miles gobbled it up, including the meatballs. And surprisingly, it was pretty darn good! We used turkey instead of beef, of course.

Miles chose the recipe and he's chosen another one for next week: cheese ravioli. Let's hope this gets this kid to eat.

Another high point of the weekend: a Sunflower Farmer's Market opened up near me (well, not too far) and had amazing grand opening deals. It's no Trader Joe's, but it'll have to do for now.

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