Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bday Celebration

A belated post about my birthday celebration 2 weekends ago. We got a sitter for Saturday night and B took me out on the town. We started with dinner at Table 6.


We shared an appetizer of a cute little jar of foie gras topped with apricot jam and some grilled bread. Come to find out, B doesn't like foie gras (wah?!?) and I got to eat it all myself. Nom nom nom.

I had the duck confit with "English Pancake, Rhubarb & Foie, and Living Arugula." (It was my night o' duck.) Very good. B had the roasted lamb collar with "Goat Cheese Gnuddi, Spring Peas, Parm, and Mint." It was also excellent. The only disappointment is that we could find no trace of mint. We followed it up with a dessert that was basically pancakes and bacon. (How can one go wrong with that?) Pancakes with gruyere, spicy caramelized pecans, and bacon. Table 6 has a great warm atmosphere and the service was excellent.

Then the debauchery began. We hit the town on a "cocktail crawl." (Well, I c.c.-ed and B was my lovely chauffeur.) The knowledgeable Denveater kindly provided me with some suggestions, so we first hit Beatrice and Woodsley. Service was annoying--we would have preferred a seat at the bar, because, well, we're just bar kind of people, but got a cocktail table with a snooty waiter. However, my "Tea Thyme" cocktail with Earl Grey infused gin, thyme, and lemon was great. Probably my favorite of the evening. I'd like to go back and try some small plates as they sounded delicious (oh, and more cocktails). Oh, OH! And I hate the bathrooms! I know they're supposed to be clever and unique, but I don't want to have to solve a puzzle to get into the potty and I don't want to wash my hands in front of the entire restaurant. God, I hate that shit. I just want comfort and a private place to primp in a bathroom.

We then went to another one of Denveater's recommendations next door: Delite. I had a Gimi Hendricks cocktail. Can't remember what was in it, except for Hendricks gin. Twas good! The atmosphere was pretty young and I felt like the old lady at the bar, but hey, I am the old lady at the bar.

We then went to Steuben's, where I had something with ginger in a copper cup and um.... maybe something else...lord knows at this point.

Now the month long celebration continues tomorrow for its final round: Bitchapalooza 2009 in Vegas, baby! Reservations have been made and bags are almost packed!


  1. Man, I wish you could have just gotten seats at the B&W bar. Sorry about that. Frankly their table service annoys me too. When it first opened, the wonderful Amy Fisher was at the bar and there was no snoot about it, all heart.

    As for the sink—ha! Never thought about it; I'm just so enthralled by shiny things. Also I have no boundaries. If they took the whole design concept to an extreme and just had a tree to squat under I'd be like Whee!!

    Still, a b-day crawl is a b-day crawl. Gotta love it.

  2. Ms. Fischer sounds great.

    I will definitely be back to B&W and hopefully the bar!


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