Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I love me a good cocktail. I had 2 of the best ones ever last week at Steuben's. We went there for "Dining Out for Life" night, when many Denver restaurants donate 25% of their proceeds to Project Angel Heart. An excellent excuse to eat out! We chose Steuben's because I knew they had a kids menu. I didn't know how amazing the cocktails would be. I wish they had their cocktail menu online, because I can't remember the names. One had gin, citrus, and burnt orange peel in it. One had St. Germain elderflower liqueur and ginger in it, with candied ginger on the side. I would love to go there and sample every cocktail they have.

The 4 best cocktails I've ever had have been within the last year:

* the lavender mojito at Girl and Fig in Sonoma (although my pre-meal wine consumption may have made my judgement off)

* the Royal "Pimm's" Cup at Slanted Door in San Francisco--made with gin instead of Pimm's (although I do enjoy a good Pimm's on a warm day), hence the quotes around "Pimm's." We were a bit disappointed in our Slanted Door experience, but that cocktail was amazing.

* and the 2 at Steuben's

The worst cocktail I've ever had was recently at The Corner Office, where B and I met for lunch. It was called the Rico Corvo, or something like that (I'm sure I don't quite have that right). It had sparkling wine (cava?), tequila, and vanilla liqueur. What was I thinking? I should have known it would be awful, because that mixture just doesn't sound good. But it had 3 things I like (separately) in it, and I figured: hey, if they serve it, it must be good, right? No! I did drink it (agonizingly), because I figured the drink was as described therefore not their fault, and I'm certainly not one to let booze go to waste. But ugh. By the way, my lobster mac and cheese weren't all that great either, although B did enjoy his ridiculously huge burger.

Oh, and a bonus about Steubens: M, our 7 year old who doesn't like anything, loved it. He said it's his "3rd favorite restaurant" (after McDonald's and Red Robin-*rolling eyes*). The kids meals were great. They were $7, but included a main dish, a side, plus veggies w/ranch, fruit, a drink, and dessert. They could choose a cupcake or ice cream for their dessert--bonus!

My food was good: I had a shrimp po'boy which came with a really good spicy sauce, and habanero honey fried corn, which was good, but I wouldn't bother ordering again. And the side pickle was delicious. B and I shared the cookies & shake for dessert--which was tasty, but soooo rich. It consisted of 2 chocolate cookie sandwhiches--each were 2 chocolate cookies with white frosting as the sandwich filling, plus the cutest little vanilla shake. There's no way I could eat a whole dessert by myself!

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  1. There's some serious bartending at Steuben's, along with Beatrice & Woodsley & (she admits grudgingly) Root Down.

    I think you might have caught wind of this on Denveater, but there's a useful thread on Denver Six Shooter about local craft cocktailing...



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