Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Freaky People at the Library

Okay, I love the town I work in. I wish I could afford to live in it. I'm lucky that I live close. I love the mountains, the river walk, and the fact that I can walk to funky restaurants, shops, outdoor art, and the library. But it is full of freaks. Mountain people are cool, but they can be freaky.

Today I decided to go to the library to pick up some holds (some potty training books and videos....Go, Jack!) and read my book, "Stupid and Contagious," which is due tomorrow. First of all, this book has some pretty laugh out loud moments, so I was having a hard time not giggling as I sat there. Suddenly I hear the most godawful noise, kind of like a sniffling, sucking sound and definitely coming from someone's nose. It's the older guy behind me on the left. So I give him a few dirty looks to no avail. But this is not your normal is he doing? I finally turn around to really see what he's up to (and he's completely oblivious to me staring at him just 4 feet away), and I discover that he is doing this thing where he sticks out his lips and sucks his upper lip into his nostrils. DISGUSTING! Just try doing it (without laughing, because you can't do it and laugh) and hear the loud gross noise it makes.

So now I'm really annoyed, but I'm also starting to get the giggles. I mean what is wrong with this guy? He didn't look like he was mentally challenged or anything. How can you do something like that in a quiet library and be completely oblivious that it's annoying and gross?

Finally I had to leave before I busted up and really disturbed everyone. Lunch hour officially disturbed.

Remind me to tell you about The Man Who Said "Mah" sometime.

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