Wednesday, September 12, 2007


OMG, We Were So Cute!

My old, old friends Emily and Dale recently met up for dinner and he brought along his photo album, which they scanned and set on. I wish I could post them all, because we were all so frickin' adorable, but since I don't have everyone's permission, I'll just post the ones of Brian and me.

Brian and me in 1986, the year we met. From the picture, we already look like a couple! If only I had known at the time that we'd go from best friends to husband and wife:

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Brian before I even met him, when he was in h.s.:

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Brian in 1986:

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Me in 1987, I think. God, I wish I still looked like this!

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Ahhhhhh....the memories....


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I just finished "Lost and Found" by Carolyn Parkhurst, about contestants on a reality game show, where they have to travel the world looking for clues. Lots of themes about repressed homosexuality. It was really good!

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