Wednesday, September 12, 2007



I haven't blogged in ages. I've been sick several times, my thyroid/body issues were bugging me and I just didn't feel like getting on here and whining. It's amazing how something as simple as some little (or big, really) numbers can make your outlook change!

After 5 days of no exercise, because I felt like poo from a cold, I hopped on the band wagon this morning and did a really kick ass 45 minute work out. Afterwards, I did the usual Monday morning weigh in routine: strip totally naked and pee out every ounce you can (every ounce counts!)--and it goes without saying that this must be done before you intake breakfast. I had....drum roll please....lost 3.3 pounds!


I figured since I had hardly exercised last week, I'd have gained if anything. The weight loss could be because of my change in meds, the fact that my cold made me lose my appetite, my sticking to my diet plan, or any number of things. I've been really good about my diet for the most part: I even made valentine cookies with the boys yesterday and ate only a little cookie dough and no cookies! Imagine what I could have lost if I had been exercising!

So I feel totally ready to exercise and diet this week with a vengeance! Go, Julie, get your weight off!

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