Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Casa Pukita

Ugh! We decided to check out local attraction Casa Bonita last night, since the in-laws are here and we thought it would be fun for the kids. Think Mexican food meets Chuckie Cheese with a little Disney thrown in (although the latter is too much of a compliment). I had been warned about the food, but it was still unbelievable. My sister said, "It's worse than cafeteria food," and guess what? It really was worse than cafeteria food! It's all you can eat, but who can eat it? The sopapillas weren't bad, I guess.

They have puppet shows, magic shows, mariachi bands, an arcade, and cliff divers. These teenage boys climb up a big water fall and dive off. Miles FREAKED out. I mean, we are talking hysterical here. He took off running and screaming his head off. We finally figured out that he thought HE was going to have to jump in the water. I have no idea where that 3 year old gets some of his ideas, poor little guy. Miles enjoyed the arcade. I didn't: some kid had puked on the floor. Nasty. He liked the puppet show, even though it was the lamest puppet show ever.

So we won't be going back to Casa Pukita any time soon.

Finished a good book this weekend: "Towelhead" by Alicia Erian. It's about an abused, neglected girl, who is molested by her neighbor (!). I normally wouldn't go near a book with those themes (I turn off the news when it's about kids being harmed), but it was very good. Depressing, of course, but good.

The in-laws leave tomorrow. We'll miss them.

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