Wednesday, September 12, 2007



Thanks to Dottie for reminding me that today marks the one year anniversary of baby Allie's passing. With Katrina, it can be easy to forget all the other charities out there that need our help. So don't forget them as you give to those in need down in the Gulf. The Scott family's site lists several good organizations to donate to help those families with a child with cancer.

Today is the first day that Miles objected to going to school. He was okay until we got inside and started to change into his "inside" school shoes (the kids have to have a pair of slip on shoes that they keep there and just wear inside). He threw a fit and tried to run out of the school. I had to carry him into the room and enlist his teacher's help so that I could unobtrusively leave. I know it's very typical behavior for a 3 year old, but it just makes no sense! I know he loves school. I guess the rest of the morning just went too easily--he actually ate breakfast and got dressed without any problems--so he had to throw a fit.

Here's some good news, Brian finally got some contract work! It's only been a year and a half or so since he last did. Yes, I am bitter. One of the main reasons we chose him to be the one to stay home with the kids was because he was supposed to be able to get contract work to do from home. It's a small job, but it's a couple of extra grand that we can REALLY use, especially with the upcoming surgery. That trip is going to be so horrendously expensive.

I'm finally just about over the two-week cold from hell. I'm still on restricted access to my children, due to the radioactive thyroid treatment, but at least I don't totally have to stay away from them now. I can't tell you how hard that was. I felt really weak all weekend--not sure if it was from the cold or the thyroid treatment. On Sunday we went to a local harvest festival. We took the boys on a carousel and I actually got dizzy riding it. I NEVER get dizzy on any kind of ride, so something weird was up. The boys were so cute on their horses! Of course, we forgot to bring the camera with us.

The thyroid treatment can make your thyroid actually go hyperactive for awhile, and I think I'm experiencing that. I'm having regular heart palpitations (scary!) and a lot of trouble sleeping. Thank god for halcion.

Guess what Jack's favorite words are? "Socks" and "shoes!" I tell you, I'm afraid he might have a fetish.

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