Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Miles Has a Little Girl

Miles has a friend at preschool! This morning as I was driving him in, he said, "Allie is my little girl. I love her." When we arrived, I noted that the little girl arriving was the famous Allie. She's adorable--a little african american girl with ringlets and glasses. She's 3 too. They were standing there together--just looking like friends. So I got down to eye level and said hello and asked them if they were friends. She thought for a second, and said "probably not." BURN! It was such a Miles thing to say. Too funny. I love 3 year olds!

Jack is walking every where now! And he does NOT like to hold hands--he can do it himself, thank you very much. Last night after dinner we went out front. Mile rode his Big Wheel and Jack walked up and down the sidewalk for at least a half hour. And my little eater who would eat absolutely anything, now won't eat. ARGH! Now I have two picky pants. How is it that they stop eating just when they're getting so active? Doesn't he need the fuel?

Since I've been down lately, I just treated myself to a hilarious book: "Statements: True Tales of Life, Love, and Credit Card Bills," a humorous memoir based on the author's credit card statements. A quick but fun read. I highly recommend her CD book, "Amy's Answering Machine: Messages from Mom," which consists of actual answering machine messages from her crazy mother.

Just got a call from Brian and Miles had 2 accidents today! He almost never does anymore. He wet his pants at the grocery store and then when they got home, Brian got distracted while changing him. All of a sudden he hears Miles say, "The poop fell out of my butt." LMAO! SO glad it was Brian and not me. I wonder if the accidents have something to do with the change in routine (i.e., school).

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