Wednesday, September 12, 2007



I am exhausted! I haven't posted much because we've been so busy. I took a "mini vacation"--i.e. a 4 day weekend, and we "did" Denver. In those four days, we did Lakeside amusement park, Splash water park, a movie, and Six Flags.

Lakeside is funny and retro. It's considered the "ghetto" park in town. Pretty cheap ($2 to get in and about fifty cents/ride). They had an accident on one of the big rides this weekend. Thankfully one we didn't go on and not while we were there. Yikes!

Elitch's (Six Flags) was fun, but horribly hot. And we didn't get to spend as much time at the water park area as we wanted to.

Hopefully I will post pictures of the weekend events on Miles' blog soon.

Health wise, I'm just so-so. Last time I saw my endocrinologist, he said that my levels were borderline high, but he didn't want to change my meds. I had some symptoms, but had just returned from the surgery, so thought it may be due to stress. I'm not sleeping, grinding my teeth, shaking, feeling generally anxious. So I called and they lowered my med levels, but I'm still feeling cruddy. I just need some damn sleep.

I saw my GP for a physical today and basically she feels bad for me. Not much she can do right now until we get the thyroid levels regulated. She did up my anxiety meds to hopefully help me get some sleep. I also have to get a mammogram (God, I'm so old!)...I'm REALLY looking forward to that one. And, once I'm off the accutane, we need to test for diabetes. Woopee.

Okay, now that I'm feeling really ancient, I need to switch gears and talk about my childish weekend that is coming up. My good friend KG from Ohio is coming to town to visit family and we are planning on hooking up. She, Brian, and I used to be in a band together, and that lucky girl is still in a band--a really good one too. If you know me, check out my myspace account and you'll hear a song from them.

Anyways, on Saturday evening, we really want to see the Flaming Lips play at Red Rocks. We've been trying to get tickets on ebay, but they are going for $150 - $200!!!!! Hard to believe that a band I once paid $2 to see at a crappy Toledo bar and even met is now so sought after! I am totally kicking myself in the butt for not buying tickets before they sold out. We decided to wait because we didn't have a sitter. Well, we could have unloaded them for a fortune on ebay! Hind sight is 20/20. And, of course, now we have a sitter, which is really cool....but no tickets.

So KG has suggested that we go "hang" in the parking lot and try to "score" some tickets, LOL (more words, not hers--can't blame my dorkiness on someone else). I really hope we can get in, but if not, we can always go hang out in Morrison, which is a fun foothills town, once the concert starts. So I get to have a night where I can pretend I'm 24, fun, fun.

Last night was exciting. Dr. Reinisch came to our house along with five other families who have either had surgery or are considering surgery. He said that Miles' ear looks great and we are probably done with surgeries. What a relief! I'll write more on Miles' blog about the visit soon, but I wanted to write here about some embarassing events of the night.

1) Dr. R. mentioned that he had heard about the controversy over this blog. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you probably don't need to know. Anyway, the shit stirrers aren't worth talking about.

2) Miles peed his pants. Huh? What's up with that? He never does that anymore. He was so excited to have all the people there and I think he just didn't think to take time out to go to the bathroom.

3) Thankfully, I didn't hear this, but Brian told me that at the end of the night after everyone but Dr. R. and his wife (who is just a lovely person) had left and we were all talking, Miles let out a 15-20 second fart. Just lovely. I hope that since I didn't hear it, the Reinisch's didn't either.

Another funny thing: after they left, Brian said, "Wow, we just had a rock star from the doctor world in our house." Too funny!

Alright, I have tons more to catch up on, but I need to mosey.

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