Wednesday, September 12, 2007


What I REALLY Want to Say

I have to blurt this out somewhere and feel a bizarre need to post it somewhere online:

Why would anyone choose the ribgraft surgery option over medpor for microtia reconstruction? I'm sorry, but even the ribgraft surgeries done by the top rib graft surgeon in the world DON'T LOOK GOOD!

OMG, I feel so much better.

If you don't have a clue what I'm talking about, check out my other blog, specifically this post which briefly explains microtia and the 2 surgical options.

I am quite active on a microtia board and I can't post my true feelings there and I can't post them on Miles' blog, since so many of them read it. Now, most of you readers know that I like to speak my mind, but this is a case where I feel I can't, and it has just been busting out of me. Since none of my "microtia online friends" know of this blog (that I know of), I decided to get it off my chest here.

There is a lot of debate on the microtia board about what option is better: 1) rib graft, 2) medpor, 3) prosthetic, or 4) do nothing. Lately, there's been practically a "mini war" of rib graft vs. medpor. However, I feel very strongly that everyone should research all available options and come to a decision that is right for them and/or their child. So I post on the microtia board and Miles' blog MY reasons for choosing medpor, but always follow up with the caveat that you need to do your own research and make your own decision, blah blah blah.

But what I REALLY want to say is "Choose medpor! Rib graft ears look awful!" Gosh, I can barely even type that here, I've become so accustomed to my "pc" response. I have seen children who had rib graft surgeries done by the best surgeon in the world that uses that method (we'll call him "Dr. Rib Graft") and they did not look good. I'm sorry. I think he is a wonderful surgeon and man and has done so much for people with microtia. But his method is outdated and just doesn't compare with the newer medpor procedure. Rib graft ears lie flat on the head and when you look at them from the front or back, they look weird. In addition, I have met numerous kids (including my own) who have had the medpor surgery, and while no reconstructed ear is going to look "perfect," it looks pretty darn good and a hell of a lot better than a rib graft ear.

The first reconstructed ear I ever saw was a rib graft ear done by the famous "Dr. Rib Graft" and it just made me so sad. I couldn't believe that this was the only option (other than do nothing) for my kid out there. I was so depressed for awhile. Thankfully, I met a woman who introduced me to Dr. Reinisch. I truly thank God that I met her. To me, rib graft ears look so bad, that the only other option I would choose is a prosthetic ear (which I have to say look amazing--they just weren't the right choice for us). I think I would actually rather do nothing, than subject Miles to the rib graft surgeries.

There are still lots of people on the microtia board who choose rib graft and I just don't get it. I worry that those kids are going to grow up and resent the decision their parents made for them. The only reasoning I see them use is that 1) it's been around longer--Why is that a good thing? Dr. Reinisch has been doing medpor ears for over 13 years. How long does something need to be around for it to become a viable option? Haven't you ever heard of "advancements in medicine?" Or 2) They give an incorrect argument from "Dr. Rib Graft" about the medpor implant becoming "exposed" (basically the skin wearing way). Dr. Reinisch has very rationally given data and information that proves this criticism incorrect. If you go to a bad doctor...sure...this is a risk. But it's a non-issue with Dr. Reinisch.

God, I want to say these things so bad on my other blog or on the microtia board, but I can't! It goes against my principles of having people coming to their own decision and it would hurt too many feelings. This is a case where I feel I have to be "pc," but it's driving me crazy!

Okay, so now I've gotten it out of my system...for now. Carry on!

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Dottie said...
Glad you could vent about it here. From your explanation, it doesn't make a lot of sense as to why someone would choose the rib graft. It sounds like you made the best choice for Miles, that you can be proud of!

8:49 PM

Sarah said...
After reading your previous surgical procedure posts I can't imagine why anyone would still choose to have the rib graft done. I am so glad you and your dh chose to go a different route for Miles. His ear looks so awesome!

8:50 PM

The Celebrator said...
Hi, I'm Kat from the Yahoo microtia group. I just wanted to say I applaud you for not being a sheep and following what "everyone else is doing", and I'm really disgusted at that person who thought it was neccessary to post your blog entry to the group. She wins the moron prize... yay her!

And I think rib grafts look horrid, too. Many of them come out looking like flesh that's healed from burn injuries and it doesn't sit well with me. Frankly, I hope my son decides to keep his little ear.

P.S. I don't actually use my account here, only using it to post a reply. My own blog is http://f1ymetothemoon DOT livejournal DOT com

11:56 PM

Julie said...
Hey Stalkers: If you've come here to leave a nasty comment, I'll delete it, because it's MY blog.

And "me:" maybe you should learn some spelling and grammar.

2:49 PM

Smander said...
How terrible that someone brought issues from that board to your blog. You have a right to say what you want on your own's not like you posted nasty comments on theirs! Or worse yet..posted your thoughts on the board.

Congrats for your decision. I'm glad your son got the best treatment you could find for him.

3:17 PM

Julie said...
To dumbass, Lynn Sands: these are comments written by other people unless they have the pic of me standing on the rock next to them, like this one.

I am amazed at the stupidity of people. Meanness I can kind of tolerate; stupidity I cannot.

8:33 PM

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