Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Work has been so busy, I haven't had time to post or fix the damn template on this thing. But I'm taking a little break to catch up. No time to fix the template, though. Today is the week we start distributing the budget for the new year--considering the budget is millions of dollars, it's quite a task.
Last weekend we went to the cabin. I got another damn headache! The only thing we can figure out is that it's the altitude. This is what I get for being so smug about not being affected by altitude in the past. WHY when I lived in Ohio, did it not affect me when I came out here? But now that I live in 5000+ feet, I am? And the cabin is only a little over 9000 feet. Jack was just awful at the cabin. Threw tantrums, wouldn't sleep, kept getting into things. Mostly acted like a typical 18 month old, but the no sleeping thing is not cool. We first tried to put him down in my parents' room. Okay, I'm going to sound like a cook, but I wonder if there is something weird about the room. Both Miles and Jack when they were little screamed hysterically when they were put to sleep in that room, not their usual cries. However, Miles does fine now. I have always felt creeped out in that room. Nothing in particular, just a weird vibe. That part of the cabin is around 100 years old. What do you think? I know, I'm just a dork.
So Jack had to sleep in the loft with us, and I use the term "sleep" lightly. The night with no sleep and the crushing headache did not make for a good time. I don't think we're going to go up again this year. Maybe next year, when Jack is a little older. It started getting more fun with Miles when he was two.
The worst thing that happened was Olive and my sister's dog, Gunnar, knocked over my mother and REALLY hurt her. I feel so amazingly awful about it. She just had knee surgery. She was walking in the woods with Miles, when the dogs came running by at full speed and knocked her into the air. She broke her thumb, damaged her bad knee, and tore the hamstring on her good leg. She's now basically helpless. She can barely walk to the bathroom on her own right now. I could just fucking kill Olive. I still can't look at her and it's been almost a week.
Tomorrow is V DAY! I hope B doesn't have too much pain, poor guy. But yay, no more worries about BC. Do I feel sad that I won't have any more kids? Surprisingly, no. I love my boys, but I am SO done.
Miles got a Big Wheel yesterday! I'm jealous! I always wanted one when I was little, but I was deprived. They now have shiny tassles on the handles. Coooool... He LOVES it. We put Jack in that little Flintstone type car thing (don't know what they're called). He can't figure out how to work his feet so he goes forwards; he just goes backwards, LOL. Jack also got light up Elmo shoes yesterday. So CUTE!

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