Wednesday, September 12, 2007


When It Rains, It Pours

Sorry--another pity party post! I went to my endocrinologist last week to check my thyroid levels and see if the radioactive iodine treatment "killed" my thyroid yet. It was WORSE, instead of better! The doc said that this sometimes happens and said the treatment has made my thryoid "leaky." It is probably full of holes and leaking out all the extra hormone, hence the increased levels. Most people are on the down swing after 6 weeks, but no, not me. God forbid things go easily (told you this was a pity party). I guess this explains why my symptoms have been getting worse rather than better. My hands are shaking like I'm 90 years old. She changed my inderal prescription. It was making me dizzy. Now I'm on a way lower dosage that I can take as needed. Even with it, my hands shake like crazy. I'm on 5 different prescription meds right now. It's absolutely ridiculous. I wonder what Tom Cruise would think? LOL

We're getting close to being ready for the trip. Spent the weekend close to home, since we don't want to take Miles anywhere that he might pick up a virus or other germs. Started packing. I can't believe we leave in 3 days! We've been waiting for this for years--since he was born--and now it's here.

Miles got a Halloween card with pictures from his preschool class. So cute. He also got a phone call from his teacher and one of the other boys today. He really loved them! He was so cute about the card. All the kids had "signed" it and he wanted to sign it too!

Jack is picking up words like crazy. A new one almost every day. He's in that verbal "explosion" right now.

Not sure if I'll post again before I leave on the trip. But check out the Miles blog while I'm gone:

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