Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Relief is in Sight

I haven't blogged much, because it truly would be blah blah blogging. Don't know if it's the recent change in weather or the cold I had, but I have just been blah. Today, I finally feel a bit better.

So, we are biting the bullet and looking for a baby sitter. We desperately need to have some couple time without the kids. I'm interviewing a college student on Monday. She already sent references and sounds nice on the phone. Let's hope it works out! It's scary leaving your kids with someone you don't really know.

We were supposed to go visit my parents this weekend, but they're both sick. So now we have nothing to do. Sounds good to me! Every weekend is just too dang busy; we rarely relax. B wanted to paint the house this weekend, but since it might actually snow (!) that's not going to happen. So hopefully we can go visit my parents next weekend and then they can babysit. The following Monday is our 8th anniversary! And since we probably won't have a babysitter in place yet, it would be nice to go out that weekend.

Our anniversary present? We're buying my parents hot tub. Woot!
Recent Reads:

"The Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan: Classic Diet Recipe Cards from the 1970s" by Wendy McClure: Wendy is a blogger I follow (although I haven't been able to get on her site lately--maybe she's too popular), and this book is freaking hilarious! She found some weight watcher diet cards from the 1970's and the book consists of pictures of the cards with her sarcastic comments. I know why Weight Watchers worked in the 70's: because the food was so disgusting! Check out the website, even if you don't check out the book. It's a very quick read and will have you rolling. I may be listing it on soon, if I can bear to part with it. Remember to use me as a reference (mpcsmommy) if you sign up!

"A Tale of Two Sisters" by Anna Maxted: a lovely book about...well...the relationship between 2 sisters.

"The Alchemists Daughter" by Katharine Mcmahon: I listened to this one on CD (I love listening to books in the car). I liked it until the end, which was so ridiculously abrupt. It left you hanging, saying, "that's it?"

Currently reading:

"The Things Between Us: A Memoir" by Lee Montgomery: a book about a family dealing with their mom's alcoholism and father's cancer. Uplifting! How bad is that when I read the part about her mom waking up and lifting 3 fingers to indicate the number of ounces of gin she wanted, made me want to go fix myself a gin and tonic! LOL. I'm so bad.

"The Ghost Orchid" by Carol Goodman: I'm listening to this one on CD. I've done all her books on CD and prefer them that way. She has a very formulaic approach to her novels, but I like them anyway. They generally involve water, art, upstate NY, and a mystery.

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