Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Birthday Gal!

Rant on:

OMFG, I am going to scream. I have so much to do at work and the damn servers aren't working. They haven't worked properly for going on 2 weeks now and it's our busiest time of year. I could just beat something to a pulp in frustration.

Rant off:

Had an AWESOME weekend! Yes, we spent it in a country western loving, shit kicker town, but it was still fun. Mainly due to the lack of kids (well, not totally, I couldn't stand that). First, I had a tea party at Miles' school on Friday morning. Very cute and very sweet.

Then later we went to my dad's retirement party. He was so happy to have all his kids and grandkids there. And it was so nice to see how appreciated and respected he is. He also thanked his family for our sacrifices of having to give up so much time with him, so he could devote it to work. This is something that has been a bit of a point of contention. His job required him to work often from breakfast to late at night and weekends, so we never got to see him. Now that he has grandkids, it was really starting to piss me off. So it was so sweet of him to acknowledge it. I can't wait until he's actually retired and can spend more time with the boys. Friday night we stayed at a motel next to the hotel where the party was and the boys stayed at my parents house. Should have been good, but the motel was a shithole. We did have fun going out for a few drinks after the party, though.

The next day we decided to move to a better hotel and it was a great move. I saw my grandma in the day, always something that makes me so sad. She has a big sign on her frig now that says "DNR" (Do not resuscitate). I could barely look at it.

Later that night B and I went to a local microbrewery and ate a ton of food and drank a ton (well, I did). Then we went back to the hotel lounge so that B could drink too and just generally had a blast. The next day we had room service breakfast. I love me some room service! And a big ol' omelet and hashbrowns washed down with a pot of coffee hit the spot.

Later that day we went home and I hit the store to spend some of my birthday money. Yay, a splurge on me! As a mommy I rarely get to do that. I got some clothes and a necklace I've wanted for ages. I also got Bare Escentuals and Sephora gift certificates, so I'm going to be stocking up on the BE. Yay! Thanks PITA for addicting me to the stuff (bitch). I should be able to get a really good fix after this birthday. I'm going to do some online shopping today and hit the BE store in the 16th Street Mall this weekend. Woohoo!

Pick up this book:

"Skinny Bitch" by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin: from the back of the jacket: "Stop Being a Moron and Start Getting Skinny!" LMAO. Okay, I'm only a little ways into it and so far they haven't told me anything I really didn't already know (now putting it all into actiion is another thing), but once again, I am in love with their writing style. Yes, I just turned 37, but people that are snarky and swear in books crack me up! Here are some quotes from the intro:

"Coffee is for pussies...P.S. It also makes your breath smell like ass."

"Whenever you see the words 'fat free' or 'low-fat,' think of the words 'chemical shit storm.' Read the ingredients. Do you really think sugar or hydrogenated oils or eggs or milk won't make you fat? Sober up, asshole."

"You need to exercise, you lazy shit."

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