Wednesday, September 12, 2007



I am feeling so grouchy today. Yesterday, I got drafted into taking minutes for an all day meeting. Unfortunately, it was my assistant's day off, so that left me. I know I had a bad attitude about it, but I just couldn't help it. It's one of those things that I occasionally have to do for my job, that I just feel is beneath me. So today I'm still grouchy about it and trying really hard not to snip at everyone. But why are people with Ph.D.'s so stupid?!?

Okay, so not only did I have to do menial work, but the assholes I did it for were so damn inconsiderate. First, they send the agenda to everyone but me. Hello, I think the person taking the minutes needs it more than anyone. Then they decided to start early after the lunch break. Didn't bother telling me or anything. I had snuck back to the office to do some real work during the lunch break (and check my message board, lol). I hope something really important was said while I was gone, and it won't be in the minutes.

The most annoying thing of the day was that while I was gone, one of the guys took my chair. So now there was no place for me to sit at the conference table. I needed a table to take the minutes, so I had to move to another table on the side--where I couldn't hear! What an inconsiderate bastard. This is the same guy who once had the gall to come to a meeting last minute, ask me for an overhead projector, and not help me with it--when I was 6+ months pregnant! He just watched me struggle with this heavy projector. What a fuck head. I was so shocked that I didn't even give him hell.

The final straw was that there was no break scheduled in the afternoon. Was I supposed to go 3 hours without taking a pee? I don't think so. Again, I hope I missed something really important while I was in the bathroom.

So all of this bullshit, AND I had to listen to overpaid, whiny grown men bitch about stupid stuff for 8 hours (Well, okay, 2 of them are women, but they're the nice ones). Argh. I DID NOT GO TO GRAD SCHOOL TO DO THIS! I know, my bad attitude about that was the main problem.
Okay, on to non-whiny things (hopefully). In-laws get here tomorrow. I am so lucky that I have nice in-laws. We haven't seen them since February; they've pretty much missed Jack's babyhood, which is really sad. I booked tickets to ride an old train in the mountains on Saturday. Miles will love it! I think the rest of us will too. If it were just 4 - 6 weeks from now, we'd catch the aspens in their glory. It will be absolutely gorgeous anyway.

Woohoo--just looked at my calendar and 3 - 5 pm today there is a social with appetizers and booze. Look out beer, here I come. LOL. Too bad it's a work thing and I have to control myself.

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