Wednesday, September 12, 2007


New Year's Confessions (Or Why Drinking Is Bad)

Okay, yeah, I know this post is a little "out of date." It's Jan. 12 for god's sake! But for some reason I was reminiscing about New Year's Eves.

This year seemed especially exciting for us, even though we really didn't do much, by all accounts. Since getting pregnant with my first child, New Year's Eve, which was such a huge event in the past, has been relatively uneventful. In fact last year, we couldn't even get ourselves to make it to midnight because we both had such bad colds. This year, we went to my sis and brother in law's house and spent the night (took the kids). While I didn't get wild and crazy, I definitely got tipsy on a decent bottle of champagne and bud lights. We also had a yummy dinner and played Balderdash, which is hilarious when you're drinking. We watched the ball drop at midnight and then went to bed shortly thereafter. Wild and crazy, I tell ya!

New Year's Eve has often been a heavily anticipated, mildly disappointing, and even somewhat dangerous event in my past. Here are some of my past embarassing antics and yes, alcohol was definitely involved. And yes, I AM an ass.

1) Ass year one: Brian and I, while just roommates, decided to throw a party. Brian, my current boyfriend and I decided as hosts, we three would maintain control of ourselves and our drinking. At 11:00 pm, we decide no one would show up and started drinking champagne and jaegermeister at a ridiculous rate. At 11:45 about 100 of Toledo's finest hipsters showed up at our door. Mass, frenzied, delirious, fun chaos ensued. At midnight one of the guys set off a BRICK of fireworks in the front yard (we had to shovel them up the next day). People kept leaning on the alarm button and setting it off. We would have to call in quickly that it was a false alarm. At one point I told the alarm company just to ignore any further alarms that night. I later forgot I had made that call and called again.

During one call to the company, Brian came in my room and we shut the door to keep the noise out. Neither of us have any idea how it started, but somehow we ended up making out heavily. My boyfriend walked in, took one look at us, and walked right out. HE NEVER SAID A THING ABOUT IT! Our relationship was never the same; not because he was jealous or that I felt guilty (although I did), but because I was secretly so PISSED that he didn't do anything. (Lame.) Anyway, little did we all know that Brian and I would end up together.

Later that evening I ended up crying hysterically because I thought I had lost my new camera. I found it behind my bed the next morning. That party ended with Brian's now famous words, "That's it. Party's over," when someone knocked over a piece of furniture spilling about 100 drinks. He was just! :-)

2) Ass year 2: Apparently told my boyfriend something too mortifying to even post. I have absolutely no recollection of this and am still to this day absolutely mortified that I would ever say such a thing. It really is out of character.

Later that evening, I apparently argued with him over the phone and fell asleep midst argument. I woke up the next morning with the phone still in my hands. He had long since hung up.

3) Ass year 3: Tripped on a rug on my stairs and sprained my ankle. I tell you there isn't much worse than waking up with a New Year's hangover and a sprained ankle! Ouch.

4) Ass year 4: Okay, this one really isn't my fault, but shows how dangerous NYE can be for me. While taking the entire party from our house to a "better" party around the corner, a random guy sitting on a roof (we lived in a wild and crazy neighborhood) threw a snow ball at us and gave me a black eye.

Thank god I had kids to settle me down, otherwise these NYEs might have killed me!

There have been fun ones in between. Since moving to Denver, things calmed down since we didn't have access to our friends, but we flew back to Ohio for at least one and went to a fun party. We also spent one at a club in town, where The Cramps went on right at midnight. It was wild and fun, even though it was just Brian and me! For a finale, Luxe Interior broke a champagne bottle and used the broken bottle to rip the rubber suit off himself. I saw Luxe dick! Woohoo! Here's a pic of him in his knickers, but he wasn't wearing any that evening. I must say that was one of my all-time favorite shows.

So....Happy New Year everyone! And may your year be fun and crazy, but not too crazy.

(In honor of this post, I'm changing the video to "Naked Girl Falling Down the Stairs" by The Cramps. I swear to god I wasn't naked when I fell down the stairs. Really.)

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