Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Officially Beginning the Process of Freaking Out

I can't believe the surgery is 2 weeks from today. I was doing pretty well, especially once the insurance stuff got sorted out, but now I am in official freak out count down mode, and I know it will just get worse as the days progress.

Actually, I'm not completely sure that the insurance is cleared out, since my insurance letter gives authorization for something to do with his eyelids (!). And I can't get an answer from Dr. R's office regarding whether that should worry me or not.

So lately I'm grinding my teeth again, my hands are shaking like I have Parkinson's, and I'm probably drinking too much. And I'm certainly not as productive as I could be at work. Thankfully, it's our "slow" time.

Well, nothing exciting to post. Just that I'm going insane.

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