Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I've been on a nostalgic reading trip lately. Reliving my youth through various authors who were also into underground music in the 80s. It started with my friend Jolene's book, Go Ask Ogre, which was just surreal to read. How often do you get to read a book of someone's writings from the time when you knew them? And that includes stuff about past friends and boyfriends and even your husband?
That was followed up by The Bitch Posse, about girls in the 80's who are into Sisters of Mercy and other goth bands. Then Hairstyles of the Damned, about a kid in Chicago in the 80's who's into punk rock. This weekend, I finished How Soon is Now? about a kid obsessed with The Smiths, who then grows up to become a rock writer and tries to reunite them. I loved, loved, loved this book, and now have a little crush on the author. I'm not sure how much of the book was autobiographical, but it certainly seemed like much of it was.
Why was music so defining then? Many of my friends became my friends because we were into the same music. Why is that so important when you're a teenager or in your teens? It seems a bit frivolous now, but it was SO important then. And music was such a back drop for our lives. The memories a song can bring back now can be so vivid.
So this nostalgia caused me to look at old pictures. Damn, I was so cute! And what really sucks is that I had no idea. Why can't you enjoy it when you have it? It's gotta be one of life's big jokes.
I don't have any more of these 80's nostalgia books on my reading list, but want more! Off to do a cyber search.

Ooo, I'm so excited! I was cyber stalking Marc Spitz and found out that they're making a movie of "How Soon is Never?" The whole time I read it, I kept thinking, "What a good movie, this would make." Now if only they don't mess it up.

AND the guy who produced "Lost in Translation" will exec produce! One of my all time fave movies.

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