Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Ohio, Here We Come!

Now how many people get excited about going to Ohio? Not many, I'm sure, but I do. I miss my friends and family there. We didn't think we'd get to go because plane tix were so high, but I found some nice cheap ones today. Woohoo! I especially can't wait to relax and have beers with Erika and Phoebe (probably not at the same time, unfortunately, since they live 2 hours apart).

Plans are set for California. We had to redo everything. And for some reason going 4 days later made a bunch of the stuff go up in price. Erg. But we get to stay one day less, so that saves us some too.

My doc agreed to increase my anxiety meds and I actually got a good night's sleep the last 2 nights in a row, so life is good.

B is frantically trying to finish up our patio today (at least as much as he can). He'll be out of commission this weekend: the poor guy has to have his re-vasectomy, since the first one didn't work. We're going to have to do it a lot afterwards, to ensure we get all those swimmers out (heh heh). Oh yeah, and I can't wait for my new patio!

Things I like today:
1) Dealing with the bitchy ladies at work and coming out looking like the good guy.
2) Taking walks along a gorgeous mountain river on my lunch break (I'm so lucky to live and work where I do!).
3) The fact that we're going out for Mexican and margaritas tonight.
4) The fact that I don't have to work tomorrow.

Things I don't like today:
1) Dealing with the bitchy ladies at work.
2) Returning from my walk feeling sweaty and stinky (it's damn hot out there).
3) The fact that my medication says I shouldn't drink too many margaritas tonight.
4) The fact that I have to take care of the kids on my own tomorrow and all weekend, since poor B will be "out of commision."

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