Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Peace & Quiet

Oh my god, my Dad may have mumps! Who the heck gets that any more? Poor guy is waiting the results. I'm sure glad we didn't go visit them this weekend. The boys have been vaxed, but I haven't since I was a kid, and I doubt B has either. I hope it's not that and just a virus that goes away easily.

We had the nicest weekend of NOTHING! I did nothing. Just hung out with the boys. Well, B put a ceiling fan in Miles' room and started to in Jack's. It turned out to be a bigger job than he expected. I also went to my sister's house for a couple hours to help her work on setting up her nursery. It's pretty much done now and really cute--not my style, but really cute. I am so looking forward to that little girl coming! Can't wait to ruin her like my sis did to my boys--LOL.

Jack is talking more and more every day. Yesterday he said "dog" and "bye" He's repeating a lot too. This morning I called him "silly" at breakfast and he repeated it. So cute!

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