Wednesday, September 12, 2007


My Kids Are Weird

I admit it. And it was just bound to happen with their genetics, but my kids are officially weird. They're cute, and they're smart, but they are weird.

Case in point: their new favorite toy is a pile of shoes. We usually enter the house through the door to the attached garage and have a bad habit of lining up our shoes next to that door (I really need to come up with a better storage solution, but haven't yet). About a week ago, they both became fascinated with the shoes. It's not like it's a new place to keep them or anything, just suddenly the shoes are fascinating and fun.

They artfully pile them on top of eachother and sit on them. They create abstract sculptures of a pile of shoes with a toy or two precariously perched on top. Two nights ago, I opened the door to find the two of them in front of the door. Miles was happily sitting there with his legs in a 'V' and Jack was piling the shoes up between Miles' legs. Last night I came home and walked over to the front entrance to put my stuff down. Jack came running over--I thought to greet me. But, no! He grabbed his dad's shoes took them over to the pile next to the garage entrance and sat on top of the pile with the most beatific smile on his face. He sat there a good five minutes in total joy, the longest he ever sits still.

I know I should put away the shoes, but wouldn't it be cruel to take away their favorite plaything?

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