Wednesday, September 12, 2007



Today and tomorrow are the boys' birthdays, so check out their blog for updates.

B and I did the dorkiest thing this weekend. We saw a live taping of Wheel of Fortune. Actually 3, since they did 3 shows at one time. I got free tickets through work, so what can I say. We had a sitter and nothing better to do. Vanna and Pat were the same, except that Vanna is maybe actually skinnier in real life. It was fun at first, but by the 3rd show, we were bored.

However, afterwards, we got to a nice restaurant downtown to eat--one of my favorites--a place called Gumbo's, which serves creole food. Yummy! I totally blew my diet this weekend and continue to this week. I had the sweet potato catfish, which was awesome.

We followed it up, by stopping in at a bar that was too cool for itself. But it was fun to get out and it was early, so there weren't too many pretentious people there yet. There was, however, a guy in a white Don Johnson style jacket with a turquoise t-shirt under it. Please tell me that style is NOT back! I really hope it was worn with irony, but I'm not sure.

Continued to blow the diet the next morning at IHOP. Mmmmm... international burrito and pancakes...

I will continue the blowing of the diet this evening when we take Miles out for his birthday to Red Robin and tomorrow at Chuck E. Cheese's for Jack's birthday. Ummmm...I guess we're blowing our wallets too. Oh well, the boys' birthdays only come once a year, I guess. The good news is that I'm working out pretty much every day. Yay me!

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