Wednesday, September 12, 2007



We're going to Mexico! Woohoo! It's not booked yet, but we're planning on doing it in May. This will be the first vacation we've had in years that didn't involve visiting family (and I don't consider the surgery trips to be vacations). I think we're going to Puerto Vallarta to stay at the Crown Paradise Club Hotel, which caters to families with kids. I can't wait.

We went and applied for passports yesterday for me (since mine is long expired), Miles and Jack, and it cost $550! I couldn't believe it. Absolutely ridiculous.

We've been having lots of fun lately thinking about spending our new income, LOL. Thankfully, other than the trip, we're being careful not to spend to much of it....yet. We've test driven some....(gasp)....minivans. We'll probably go with the Honda Odyssey when it comes time. I know, I know, how god-awfully suburban. One of the big lessons I've learned as a parent is never say never. So far I've broken a ton of my "nevers:" I know live in suburbia and I'm thinking about buying a minivan.

We also went to some open houses this weekend. We're trying to decide if in a couple of years we should move to a bigger place or if we should add on and remodel our place. Our place is nice, but just a tad too small--especially in the dining room and kitchen. B is really pushing to stay and do tons of home improvement. I'm not convinced yet. It sounds like a total PITA, but then so does moving. And who knows if we could find the "perfect" place. The houses we saw this weekend didn't impress us a whole lot. But it was just a cursory tour of what's out there.

I haven't read anything worth blogging lately. Mostly a lot of crap.

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