Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Colds, Bunco, and Hiking

Miles and I have colds. They're really not that bad, but more worrisome than usual because if Miles has a cold, they won't do the surgery. I tell you, it's Murphy's fucking law. We take him out of preschool two weeks before the surgery so he won't get sick, and he gets sick! I'm trying not to stress about it, because there should be time for him to get over it. He's missing school, which is kind of sad. I think all 3 guys are getting a little stir crazy. They're trying to avoid going public places where he could pick up something.

Went to a Bunco party this weekend at my sister's. It was fun--my kind of game: mindless and based on luck. Then on Sunday we went hiking at White Ranch State Park. It's not far from our house and I had no idea it was there. It's beautiful. I need to get the pics off the camera. Olive pulled Miles over while he was holding her leash and banged him up pretty good. Poor little guy! This is getting to be a theme with that damn dog. Oh yeah, we also got Miles hair cut and I mean SHAVED. We figured since they were going to shave the sides for the surgery, we may as well cut it first. He freaked because he hates the clippers. It was absolutely awful. Again, I've got to get a pic off the camera. He is absolutely adorable with his new hair cut. Reminds me of a little kid from the 50's.

Not much to report. Just counting down the days until we leave for LA, AND TOTALLY FREAKING OUT.

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