Wednesday, September 12, 2007



Brian would kill me if he knew I posted this (why I don't give this link to my family), but Casa Pukita gave him the runs! Poor guy. Now we're REALLY never going back (like it was in consideration). I also forgot to mention in my previous post that the place smelled like a latrine. Not like shit and piss, but like that nasty cleaner they use to clean very public restrooms. Not exactly appetizing!

Poor Miles came down with a nasty cold yesterday. He got it from MIL, who probably got it on the plane. He was this sad, little lethargic boy. Didn't even give us a hard time about putting him to bed early. He wasn't up when I left this morning (I hate it when I don't see the boys before I go to work), but I got an IM from Brian that he was in really good spirits when he woke up. Runny nose, etc., but not lethargic anymore. Okay, now I'm just waiting for Jack to get sick, dammit....

In laws leave this morning. I said goodbye to them before leaving for work.

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