Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The Book That Had To Be Read

I just finished Jen Lancaster's new book, "Bitter is the New Black." Hilarious! PITA buddies, you have got to read this. Jen's way with words reminds me of Heather: in other words, she's a riot. And she uses some of my favorite terms that I've never seen in a book before: for example, "fucktard" and "asshat." Image hosting by Photobucket I guess that shows how childish I am--that I'm in awe of someone who gets a book published using these terms...

So, this is the book that I guess I was supposed to read. Here are all the things that pointed me to it. A little weird, I think.

1) I do a campaign on where I am to download the beginning of the book and read it. I do and enjoy it.

2) My old friend Jolene sends out a myspace bulletin urging people to read the book, because her friend wrote it. From this bulletin and from the site I find out that...

3) She's one of the authors of my all time favorite site,! I absolutely adore this site and check it religiously for updates (which they do not do often enough!).

4) After reading this book, I decide to check out Lancaster's blog, Jennsylvania and recognize it as one I was directed to some time ago as a funny blog, but I never really followed it. You bet I will now.

So I guess I recommend this book, in case it wasn't obvious. It's the memoir of a woman that goes from a high paying job in the dot com era to being laid off on 9/11 (sounds familiar to me, although I guess my job wasn't really that high paying). She's snarky as hell, and if you are one of my "faithful" readers, I'd wager that you're pretty snarky too and will enjoy it.

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