Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Business first: the PostSecret book is out now, so be sure to check it out. I absolutely love this art project. I think it's brilliant. Wish I could decide which of my many secrets to send in. Oh well, it would almost be cliche to send one in now.

I hate New Year Resolutions. I just disappoint myself. However, I believe my thyroid levels are drastically dipping, even though I don't get my blood checked till later this week and no doc appt. for 2 weeks. I have all the signs of hypothyroidism, including the unfortunate one of gaining weight--and I don't think it can all be accounted for by the holidays. Sooooo...I have to diet and exercise, whether I want to or not, or else I'm gonna blow up like a balloon. As I write this, I am munching on carrot sticks, celery, and low fat veggie dip. See how good I am? Now if I could just get off my ass. Exercising is definitely the hardest part for me--especially in the winter. The only real time for me to do in the day is early morning, before work, and I am SO not a morning person. Blech, blech, blech.

I am also on a "new me" kick, which just happens to coincide with the New Year. I got contacts--woohoo! And yesterday I went to a dermatologist. My crazy hormones have made me break out so bad, and I just couldn't stand it anymore. So now I'm on some antibiotic and Retin A (Let's see, that makes 5 prescription pills plus a prescription cream that I'm now on. Sheesh). Let's hope it works. It's ridiculous that I'm 36 fucking years old and have suffered from zits since I was 13 or so! I am TIRED OF IT!

I just miss being "pretty," you know? So superficial, but I feel like such a fugly, frumpy mom. I miss the days of getting dolled up, going out, and flirting. Not that I plan on doing any of those, but it would be nice to feel like I did back then. What's sad is that when you're young and cute, you don't appreciate it. We girls tend to dislike our bodies, even when we're gorgeous! I look back at pics of me from 10-15 years ago and while I was never a stunner, I was damn cute! And I had no sad. I would love to go back in time and tell myself to cut it out and enjoy the way I looked. Ah well...hind sight is 20/20. Which I am now with my contacts! LOL. Bad joke, sorry.

Okay, enough superficial rambling. Blah blah blah. Go ahead and make fun of me now for my insipid, boring, superficial life (rolling my eyes).

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